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Hola. It's April 2017. I'm now 23 years old. I started this blog when I was 17 years old, as the title explains so well. I started it then as a way to learn, practice and excel at this great art we call writing. I had badly wanted to write. Six years down the line and practicing law at a top law firm in Delhi, I still feel that burning urge to write.

I'm not sure exactly when or why this urge began. I loved reading books. Writing seemed like a natural extension. If you keep reading, you form thoughts and more importantly, opinions. Penning those opinions down seemed important to me. Of course, penning them down in a manner that was readable. Having an aunt who was the editor of a national daily helped too, I suppose.

Whatever the reasons, I desperately wanted to and still want to write. Write what though? I don't particularly feel inclined towards fiction writing. I like describing events. Writing facts. Drawing conclusions. Sounds very journalistic, doesn't it? I did go through a phase wanting to be one, actually. I chose law, instead.

I love the law. The true origins of any law are human behaviour and society. Regulating it. Confining action. It's a great field for those who are into People studies. It's not hard to understand law, mostly. It's hard practicing it, sometimes.Frustrating to try and maneuver within the tiny confines of what we call procedural law. But when you remember the bigger picture, you always come back to loving it.

But whether you're practicing law or not, it's important to be able to write and write well. The ability to be able express yourself through words in a precise, yet elegant manner, is essential for most people and lawyers in particular. Hence, this re-union with this old blog of mine that I started when I was in school. I intend to get back to writing, and writing seriously.

So let's call this blog an exercise. An exercise to effective communication. An exercise to be able to express myself clearly. An exercise to excellent writing.


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