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I just wanted to post these pics cause I thought they were a little interesting and a little funny.
And hopefully, so will you.
India has always been a victim of the inhuman acts of terrorism. Ever since Independence and the attack on Parliament by insurgents, the cities of India have been plagued by bomb blasts, shoot-outs and the like. The perpetrators are almost always people who use terror on communal lines and try to impose the fact that their religion is the one and only true religion in the world.
The religion that naturally comes to our minds is Islam or the Muslim community. For almost all of the blasts occuring in India and abroad, Muslim insurgency groups like Al-Queda, Mujahideen, etc have been responsible. Maybe this is true, maybe this isn't. People all fight over one and only one fact. Not Who did it, or Why they did it but always, Which COMMUNITY did it?
This is the one question always talked about. Why do people never realize that the answer to this question does not matter? What DOES matter is Why they did it. The answer, actually, is quite simple. The aim of such terrorist acts is to indu…
I think this pic might be interesting to you. Have you ever seen Sound of Music?
Well, these people are the seven children in it and their governess Julie Andrews. The picture on the top is them exactly 50 yrs later.


This is something I've wanted to do for sometime now and I've finally done it. This is a blog for people to say what they feel and express views and all that stuff. It's also a blog for sharing things and I would very much appreciate it if people who use this blog could restrict themselves to appropriate videos, photos and comments. And also please DO NOT put stuff that may offend other people using this blog. So, I would like those who use this blog to have fun, share their views and also make new friends. Hope you all like it,