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Nuclear Energy- Both sides of the coin

I read an article yesterday in The Hindu called 'Why Kudankulam is untenable' by Suvrat Raju and M.V Ramana. I've never heard of them, but they seemed so sure that the Kudankulam plant should be scrapped. They even went so far as to say that India doesn't need nuclear power. What crap. Okay, may be nuclear reactors in India don't produce as much power as promised. But the potential still exists. Actually, we're not able to produce much power from nuclear energy because we don't know how to use it more efficiently. How're countries like France and Lithuania(Lithuania at that!) able to generate as much as 78% of their electricity from nuclear sources? Obviously, they have/know something we don't. And instead of trying to figure out what that is, we're sitting and talking about shutting the whole thing down. It doesn't make sense at all.
BUT(a big one)you can't say the whole nuclear thing's safe either. Fukushima's taught us that. …

The Historian-A review

It was at a diner in a mall where I first heard of The Historian. I had gone out with my friends and was having dessert when i asked one of my friends to suggest a book. He's as fanatical about books as I am, albeit in a different way. He was a big fan of sci-fi books and he'd told me many other books that i loved reading. Anyway, he told me to read a book called The Historian. Typical, i thought. He was fond of books that blended history with mystery. I didnt think too badly of such books either. Besides, it had been sometime since i last read a book. So, the next day i went to the local library armed with a list of books, with The Historian topping the list. I wasn't too impressed by the cover when i saw the book. But then, i've always followed the adage 'Don't judge a book by it's cover' and i decided to get it. When i first started reading the book, i thought it was definitely going to be be something. It's the story of a young girl who found a …

Reservation- A Curse

The curse of being born an FC-Forward Caste member. The very name suggests that it is a class of educated people, more forward than the rest of the communities, socially and more importantly, economically. But I disagree. In today's India, it is this class of people, not belonging to any particular state or language in our country, that is more beleaguered and oppressed than any other. When the concept of Reservation was first introduced in our country by the makers of the Constitution, it was done with the intention of raising the economic, educational and social status of the oppressed classes. And they were definitely oppressed then, which justified introducing reservations for them in Government jobs, educational institutions, etc. But even those men, whose motives were more politically motivated than social reform, who introduced it could not envisage it's continuation for as long as now. However, that's not to say that there were none who did opposed it. Thankfully, …