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Reservation- A Curse

The curse of being born an FC-Forward Caste member. The very name suggests that it is a class of educated people, more forward than the rest of the communities, socially and more importantly, economically. But I disagree. In today's India, it is this class of people, not belonging to any particular state or language in our country, that is more beleaguered and oppressed than any other. When the concept of Reservation was first introduced in our country by the makers of the Constitution, it was done with the intention of raising the economic, educational and social status of the oppressed classes. And they were definitely oppressed then, which justified introducing reservations for them in Government jobs, educational institutions, etc. But even those men, whose motives were more politically motivated than social reform, who introduced it could not envisage it's continuation for as long as now. However, that's not to say that there were none who did opposed it. Thankfully, even then, there were an enlightened few in the Supreme Court and others who strictly said that the Government could not implement the reservation of seats and jobs in government run institutions. They warned the then Congress led Government of the serious repercussions that such an act would undoubtedly lead to. Of course, the Government, with all it's power could not disobey a direct order from the highest judicial authority of the country, the Supreme Court. So enraged were they by the Supreme Court's ruling, that a bill was passed in Parliament to that effect and that is how reservation was forced upon the country. The shrewd minds of the politicians led them to believe, correctly, that by promising the many backward and scheduled caste members, seats in government institutions, they would get obtain votes and win the elections. Reservation was later imposed on even the private un-aided educational institutions.
Throughout the history of reservation, our country's politicians seem to have forgotten what the original intention of our forefathers was. That reservation should be temporary. It's existence should continue only so long as it takes for the oppressed communities to develop. That was and is, the real purpose of reservation. Now that the oppressed communities aren't really "oppressed" any longer, reservation has lost it's significance and should be abolished. But people in power still wield it as a weapon during elections. And the worst of it is, people are still falling for it. But on the bright side, there are more and more people realizing that reservation has outlived it's use and must go. And it's revealing it's ugly side more and more. Thousands of deserving students don't get into the colleges of their choice because of reservation. I've just finished twelfth standard myself and i'm writing entrance exams as well. Every single college I've applied to has reservation of seats for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward classes, etc. and as i'm a member of the so called Forward Caste, i begin to wonder if writing these exams is of any use at all. If only those who are born into communities that 'need' educational and economic assistance will get into good colleges, why write so many entrance exams to the country's top colleges? It is a joke, then, to have some seats that are reserved,as 'merit seats'!Perhaps that is why so many students are leaving India and going abroad to study. If we're going to be penalized for being born into a certain community, then that is definitely what I would encourage. If it were possible, I would do it myself. Unfortunately, that is not and I must resign myself to the fact that it is by facing the toughest of tough competitions, that i will gain entry, perhaps, to India's most prestigious universities.


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