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The Mylapore Festival

It's the start of another year and the annual Mylapore Festival came around! If there was ever a more busier week in Mylapore, I'd like to ask when. Huge stalls of food varieties(idlis, dosas, vadais and such)were piled everywhere, with people having leaf plates in their hands and eating them. The coffee i had was simply superb. It was a funda time for students as well, so many of them were there with their friends. It seemed the whole of Mylapore had come together to celebrate this one week and the result was astounding. But let's talk about the other stuff there as well. Not only food, but a lot of stalls happened to have marudhani(henna) designing, small artefacts were sold and many other curiosities as well. The Mylapore Festival is not only a time where people come and eat food at cheap rates, but it's also a cultural show. Many dance programmes, awareness plays and other forms of entertainment were provided throughout the week. I happened to see an art contest where kids were huddled around painting on chart. It was organized by the Mylapore community and some artist fellow. I didnt recognize him. One incident i remember very clearly is that when my mother and i were walking outside the temple, a fellow suddenly came and started grabbing for the plastic cover my mother had in hand. She understandably panicked(so did i). When i saw the cloth bags he had with him that said Mylapore Festival, i understood and gave him the plastic cover. He gave us the cloth bag and went away. Looks like Chennai is finally beginning to be eco-friendly. We then went back home. I felt like recording the whole experience, so i've put it here.
Hope you have fun reading it!


ashwin said…
hey dude

i was gr8 da
keep it up
sharngan said…
thanks. i didnt know you were a blogger.
ashwin said…
im not a blogger and all.i just read sumtimes if the blog is gud
Tall Stories said…
hey, I'm happy to hear about the cloth bags. Plastic bags should be banned. It's the ugliest thing to have been invented on the face of the earth. The worst sight is that of plastic bags blown by the wind on to fences and trees and bushes. And did you hear of the number of animals that have died because of eating plastic bags?

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