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India has always been a victim of the inhuman acts of terrorism. Ever since Independence and the attack on Parliament by insurgents, the cities of India have been plagued by bomb blasts, shoot-outs and the like. The perpetrators are almost always people who use terror on communal lines and try to impose the fact that their religion is the one and only true religion in the world.
The religion that naturally comes to our minds is Islam or the Muslim community. For almost all of the blasts occuring in India and abroad, Muslim insurgency groups like Al-Queda, Mujahideen, etc have been responsible. Maybe this is true, maybe this isn't. People all fight over one and only one fact. Not Who did it, or Why they did it but always, Which COMMUNITY did it?
This is the one question always talked about. Why do people never realize that the answer to this question does not matter? What DOES matter is Why they did it. The answer, actually, is quite simple. The aim of such terrorist acts is to induce fear and terror in the minds of people, to force them to accept the superiority of their religion over others. And people always fall prey to their trap. They start fighting with each other on communal lines and play into the terrorists' hands.
True, terrorists have done horrific deeds. They crashed 4 planes into America, 2 into the WTC or the World Trade Centre and one into the Pentagon. They have attacked India numerous times and not only Muslim groups are involved, but even other groups like Naxalites, LTTE, etc. All these groups have induced terror in their respective parts of the world. People blame all this on the police and the Govt agencies for not anticipating the attacks. Indubitably, so do I. But these accusations are pointless. What more can the Govt do? As students or citizens we have to think of what WE can do. So what is it that we can do? We can be more alert and look after ourselves and our friends. We can be on the look-out for suspicious things and avoid busy, or crowded places. Chennai is the one metropolitan city that has not yet been attacked. Let us keep it that way. I request those who read this to pass on the message. Stay alert, Stay hopeful and Stay safe.


Tall Stories said…
I think you should take off that blood photo because it's bad form.
i think when you answer the question why they did it, the answer is not as you are saying to establish the superiority of their religion. that only contradicts your own argument about how everyone is always asking which community did it. The answer to why, is to stoke fears and terror, so that people will submit to their agenda -- need not be religion in the way people know their religion, it could be a political agenda. for example, the islam that taliban is trying to impose in north-western pak is not the kind of islam that most pakistanis subscribe to. you yoursefl mention ltte. that bunch is not into a religious war, they just want to establish their rule in north-east sri lanka, they want to make a separate state.
and please take off that picture.
sharangan said…
I fail to understand how my statement that is contradictory. The point is that terrorists not only want to force their own agenda on the people but also prove that their religion is superior. And LTTE is not purely political. The civil war in Sri lanka proves that. It was a war waged between the Tamils and the Sinhalese. It cannot be denied that this war was communal. They do want to create a separate state, but only because of the communal tensions between the 2 social groups. And I have taken off the photo, because I did not realize that it might offend some people.

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